Parents login

Check your child's progress and program usage at least once a week to ensure program success & completion

Parent, your UserID is same as that of students' UserID and Password is last four digit of your primary phone no.

Stay Involved in your Child's Achieve HighPoints Experience
Parents may actively monitor the progress of child 24/7. We welcome parents to review the up to date progress of their child at anytime. Your "Parent password" is different your child's password. Please enter your own User ID and your Password.

  1. You can view your child's Achievement Goals' that have been designed based on your child's Pre-Test (Diagnostic Assessment Test). You may also view your child's online session records.
  2. Please click 'Progress Report' to view your child's progress with Achieve HighPoints.
  3. You may update your profile to change your address, phone number, or password.

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